Ultrasound Doppler Exam for Lower Extremity Veins

Venous Doppler Ultrasound is a valuable test to evaluate the anatomy and function of the vein system.

This is a non-invasive test, totally painless and is performed during your office visit. The test takes 15-30 min and there is no need for special preparation. A prode-transducer, which produces sound waves, is used to visualize the vein system of your legs. Real-time pictures are obtained that allow you to measure the size and shape of the veins.

This test can detect any abnormalities of the veins such as blood clots, obstruction, enlargement, or reflux – a reverse of blood flow that slows down the circulation. These abnormalities often cause pain, heaviness, limits mobility, etc.
People with symptoms like leg pain, cramps, swelling, skin discoloration, inflammation or ulcers of the skin should be evaluated. This valuable information will be used to determine treatment, correct these abnormalities, and lets you enjoy your healthy legs again.